‘Louise has an originality and range of expression that is totally unique, downright compelling and funny, a presence which gives courage, and inspires creativity.’

Ashley Ramsden, Founding Director, The International School of Storytelling, Emerson College.

Louise offers three performances at present.


Foibles and Fables!

Travel with Louise through her work with children with communication problems. A poignant witty, piece about children, the challenges they face and what they have to teach us.

Foibles and Fables! is suitable for people over fifteen years old. It tells how God slammed a few doors and opened a few skylights.

Featuring: The angel who lost a wing, The boy with the bullet proof hair, The princess who married a pig and The insect circus master


Back to Back with Frida Kahlo

Louise makes a moving fusion of her and Frida’s life through storytelling and poetry. Frida spoke to Louise once in a dream, as she lay, suffering from a spinal injury: “Get up muchacha! Dare to listen to your pain – and discover your joy…”

Back to Back has been performed at The Brighton Fringe, Canterbury Arts Festival and The Worldwide Biography Conference

Oi! Get off my Train!
and other stories for children

Louise’s performance storytelling for children is inclusive and interactive featuring techniques from her renowned method: Lis’n Tell.

Louise performs many stories, tho’ not all at the same time, for children aged 5 to 11 years old. Her repertoire includes: The King & The Giant; Hapendecki and Binti the Bibi; Oi! Get off my train!; Eyes of the Dragon.

Louise runs demonstration Lis’n Tell workshops with groups of children in schools on request.

Lis’n Tell Demonstration Workshops with students with SLCN:

Duration: usually up to 45 minutes per group

Numbers: up to eight students if they have significant learning delays – but can be more if the students are more able -the aim is to include all the students in the storytelling in some way.

Staff Support: at least three others needed.

These demonstration workshops usually require the relevant staff to prepare with me for one and a half hours minimum- training is preferable. The more training the staff experience, the more familiar they are with me,the core principles and techniques, the more the students will gain from their workshop.