Over the last ten years, Louise has worked closely with many children and their families across Sussex, assessing communication needs, co-creating therapeutic programmes and liaising with and advising schools.

Do contact Louise if you would like to explore the possibility of individual speech and language therapy which will involve Lis’n Tell but also other methods if needed. Louise has many year’s experience of treating phonological, speech and language delays and disorders.

FROM HORROR TO ROMANCE -Lis’n Tell with an eleven year old boy with cognitive and attention problems…sometimes the unexpected happens!

Spoken spontaneously by a boy of eleven years old with attention and cognitive difficulties. He was having a difficult session, becoming increasingly excited and restless. His voice was shooting up in pitch and volume. He was describing the latest horror videos that he’d seen, in gory detail….

I spread a few postcards of pictures from The National Gallery onto a table near him and suggested he take a quick glance and tell me anything he wanted. He grabbed ‘The Battle of San Romano’ by Ucello and said:

“This is the story about two civilisations but in-between lived two lovers from each one. One day the two kingdoms said ”enough! It’s time we fight back and claim our land!”

The two who were in love said,”Oh no its too late now”. So the two kingdoms went to war fighting, bloodshed, killing. And finally when the two tried to stop them, the lady got hit in the heart by a bow and arrow. The man went to her and said “No – I loved her”. The man got on his knees and shouted: ”Why the humanity? Why?!”

And then every soldier started to stop, and listened to his pleads. The man stood up and said, ‘‘you stupid fools why did you have start this? You killed an innocent girl the one I love – how could you do this!” And on that day with all the soldiers and all the kings crying they said, ”Let’s make a truce and join our kingdoms”, and from that day on, the two kingdoms lived as one.”

When he’d finished, he leant back in his chair and said: ‘I’m calm now…’